Punished or Polished?

Perspective. Are you being punished or polished? Life sometimes takes twists and turns and you just wonder what on earth is happening. If judgement took place at the cross, then punishment is satisfied. If punishment is satisfied then what’s left? Maybe we get polished? Love-d

A couple of years ago I wanted to move my writing into a new level. I went from a self #publishing platform to a world wide platform and I’ve not regretted it. If you would like to take your #books from the bookshelf to the world – and become the light in someone’s darkness – click on the picture and check out the steps I took… 


Blessings to you!!

Set Back or Set Up?

Be strengthened today in your journey. Set backs come and go. But letting it be turned around to set you up for something better… will be up to us. Let the setback be your set up for a new perspective.,,

Do It Again

Tenacious Tuesday

The strength with you is enough to finish what you started. So get moving. Again. Put the new shoes on. Again. Do it. Again. Rule yourself. Again. Govern your atmosphere. Again. Overcome. Again.  Let diligence and dedication be your strategy. One day it will all make sense. Until then – do it again.   

Don’t Give Up!

Dont' Give Up ©Donna ReinersRefuse Defeat

Ever been overwhelmed? Ever felt like your mind is in a battle for its life? Ever felt like failure was your condition? Your to do list has been incomplete for so long you forgot the last time you did anything on it? Every day normal simple things are an uphill climb? You need to refuse defeat even while feeling like you are in last place. If you feel like leaving your house looking like a mess then stop it. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. Get your shoes on and get out there in the real world. Leave your 4 walls and take a break from the voices that surround you telling you that you will not make it or that you are wasting your time. Head out with your head held high even if you feel as if you are falling into failing. So, you feel like you are treading water – cool – then your arms and legs are gaining strength. You are gonna make it. Don’t give up. Choose thankfulness. Perspective is everything. Choose. Decide. Don’t give up!

Talk To Yourself

Defeat, discouragement, confusion and condemnation are not your friends. Do not allow darkness to become your bedfellow and if it has already then kick that thing out. Don’t go to bed with negativity. Face it whatever it is that is making you feel like a chopped down tree and command joy. Maybe you don’t like your house, your job, your friends or your church. Maybe you have been hanging on by a thread trying to do the right thing when all along you have been supposed to……….move along. That’s right. Maybe you need to make a change. Are you supposed to move? Look for a new house. If you hate your job then spruce up your resume. Your friends getting on your nerves? Find out why? Maybe either they have outgrown you or you have outgrown them. Don’t ditch anyone but it may be time to add to your friends some new friends and new possibilities. Have you been at your church just one year too many? Guess what? There ARE other churches and you do not have to bee bop along in the same church if they ignore you, don’t tend to the needs of folks who are in need, control you or are just too spiritual good to be any good outside the four walls. You are valuable and so don’t give up!

Lock, Stock & Barrel

There comes a time when you just have to persevere, #BeBraver and make a decision to make a change. It’s okay. It is your life and you are the one responsible for it and you are the one who is accountable for it as well. If you are bored then for goodness sake ask yourself why and do something different. If you jump around every two years and get bored every two years and leave wherever you are committed every two years then you being bored is not the problem – you NEED to take lock stock and barrel at yourself and get a grip and mature and commit. BUT…if its a new feeling…this….feeling of….what am I supposed to do with my life???? Then,  get sill and look at your life and get a plan for tomorrow and don’t give up!

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Purpose is HIGHER than Fear


©Donna Reiners

Tonight, we were watching a movie and it was one of those movies I regularly do not watch. Too much blood. Too much killing. Too much of everything. It was an us against them scenario with little hope for any survivors. Basically, it was a situation where there was a leader who was taken captive and in the building where he was held, there was one trained man who was hidden and came after the men who took the leader captive. I know that was a long sentence. Breathe in and breathe out. Could it be that purpose is higher than fear?

What do I mean? I watched the trained man do whatever he had to do to in order to reach the leader. He was beaten, stabbed, attacked, shot and everything you can think of while on his way to reach the leader. However, this is what I noticed. The man who was trained was focused. He pushed past all his pain and all his calamity and remained focused – his goal? Get the leader out from the clutches of the enemy. He had purpose. Purpose is higher than fear.

I got revelation.

This is the key. Say it again with me – aloud – Purpose is HIGHER than fear.

Purpose is always associated with taking over or having intent. Assignment is short term or long term but is more like a measurable goal to master or complete. So, here is my question regarding assignments and purpose.

What keeps you from moving forward in life? Do you have fear?

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of success? Failure? Are you afraid of pain? Are you afraid of losing? Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid of your job ending? Are you afraid of dying? Are you afraid of living? What are you afraid of?

What is your purpose? Do you have it? Let me tell you that if you cannot think of it – that does not mean you don’t have one. Everyone has purpose and I mean everyone. You must determine yours in order to be successful on this side of heaven. Purpose is different than assignment.

Purpose seems broad but basically it just means to take over and complete your assignment.  That’s right – take authority – take command – be the leader over that project, that idea, that goal – lead that assignment. Perhaps you are overwhelmed. Stop and look yourself in the mirror and start with you. Straighten your shoulders if you can and look yourself in the mirror if you can and hold your head up if you can and say with me, “I am important. I am significant. I am alive on purpose.”Dismiss what keeps you from moving forward and say with me Purpose is higher than fear.

This is the thing – when we know our assignment -we can focus on the steps to fulfilling it. When things get hazy, we can return to the assignment. When things get busy, we can return to the assignment. When we are completely distracted, we can return to assignment. Why? Because the assignment needs to be completed in order for you to have your next assignment….

WHY did he complete his mission?  He kept his focus on the assignment. Let us do the same. He disallowed torment from keeping him from completing his job. Purpose is higher than fear.

#BEBRAVER – GET Purpose.

Pray with me:

Father, I ask for YOU to give me clarity on Your mission and your assignment for my life and the goals I need to complete it. Give me revelation and help me move forward in Jesus name. Let it be.

Until next time!


Love through Devastation 2 of 2

Our sister, who is our other sister’s caregiver, took her to a doctor who specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive thinking problems. After a long battery of testing and prodding, he concluded that it was “inconclusive” as to whether or not she had M.S. As a matter of fact, the test results showed her B12 to be so deficient that it could have killed her. Furthermore, in a meeting with neurologists and specialists, it was discussed how a severe B12 deficiency mimics the same results as M.S.  It eats away at the myelin sheath covering the nerves. The kicker is this – had we known about the B12 deficiency early enough she could have begun taking B vitamins and perhaps most of her brain could have been preserved. Hmmm…. makes you think, doesn’t it? Could all or most of the pain she has gone through and the pain our family has gone through been avoided by taking a simple B vitamin?

Oh, but what do we do now, since the effects are irreparable? Do we get bitter? Should we have sued the doctors?  Do we take on self-pity and wallow in what is in the past? What do you do when your life appears to be brought to ruin, and then realize you could have stopped the devastation?

What if you are the one whose brain has atrophied due to a lack of a simple B vitamin? Your mind is still intact enough to know that it could have all been avoided. Maybe you have another situation that is equally as devastating to you. What do YOU do when you realize you could have had control over your circumstance? Do you allow hatred for what occurred to consume your mind? Do you allow what will never be to make you pessimistic?

Choices. We live by them and we die by them. We must not look back for so long that we move back into our past. We must move forward with Him and one another.

You know what? Sometimes we have happy times and all is well, and we are on cloud nine. Other times we may have deep sorrow and unexplainable pain. Perhaps we lose a loved one to cancer or pre-mature death? Perhaps a child dies, and it is so painful and confusing so we wonder how something of that nature could happen. Perhaps we stopped feeling anything so long ago that we don’t know how to feel at all.

Let me just tell you that if you built up walls of defense, they will keep you from being loved and from being in pain. The twist is that whatever pain you have already experienced will also be trapped within those same walls with no way to get out.

Pray with me – Father, help us all to remain open to You and one another. Help us to not desert one another when the going gets rough. Help us to instead gird ourselves up and walk with each other in the way You call us to walk.

You could be a care giver or a prayer giver – whatever role you play – do it with cheer and trust in the One Who trusts you.

Pray with me – Thank You for not giving up on me and pursuing me into adulthood to be whole. Thank You that it is Your will that we be fearless and that we love one another. Give us wisdom and give us courage to obey You and Your heart and not our religious boundaries that keep us from receiving or giving Your love that makes us whole in areas no one sees. In Jesus name, let it be.

No Freedom without Confrontation
Freedom! ©Donna Reiners

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Stuck in a Parking Lot

Have you ever felt stuck in a parking lot with no way out? You wonder how you got there and try as you do to relocate – it seems every turn brings you back to the same parking place. You wonder what it means and you wonder how long the season will remain. However, more than that, you simply wonder how you ever got stuck in a parking lot.
You cry out but no one seems to hear.
You weep yet no one sees the tears.
Stuck in the parking lot for what feels like years.

Are you in a quandary looking for sin?
Glancing to the past to see where you have been?
Forward you go with no move in sight?
Clearly in life your day is now night…

Thankful you are though some won’t believe
that you can be grateful when feeling bereaved.
You search for solutions to the left and the right.
Your heart knows the answer is in plain sight.

There does come a time when we must face our past
by living in the present yet reaching back to the last
place on the mountain where we stopped to sight see
knowing in time He would call Him to me.
to visit again in the deep one and one
me listening and Him talking is the way it is done.

So, there you sit in the lot, after driving around.
Get out of the car and seek what you’ve found.
Back to living the basics of life but you sound
an ending and beginning with a middle you’re bound.

Have you ever felt an enemy attempt to break into your faith? I sure did tonight. As my tears flowed, I realized my heart has entered into a fresh phase of renovation and proving. How will I fare on this side of the mountain this time? The devil is a liar and his target has been to steal my hope, to kill my future and to destroy my strength. How about you?
So, I’m being BRAVE. Tonight I made fresh assessment and we made plans to implement a fresh strategy. This will require a new BOLDNESS as we look at our goals and reacquaint ourselves with purpose. It will also require a renewed RESPECT for myself and our desire to please God. In pleasing Him, I’ll have to take ACTION in an area of great need. I’m convinced it will bring VICTORY over a specific area in my past. Gaining any victory at all will bring strong ENCOURAGEMENT.

I am personalizing a passage that is becoming very dear to me but instead of just quoting it, I’m going to write from the I point of view. Why don’t you say this with me and let it encourage you?
James 1:2-8-I command joy into my spirit, thought life and physical body. I recognize I’m in a colorful and variegated examination where I am being tested in an area of weakness. I trust You God. I know through this experience that this testing prior to approval will verify my trustworthiness. Thank You that what I believe will produce perseverance. Thank You Father that this endurance will have a genuine mature and absolute result. Thank You that Your desire is that I become entirely healthy. Thank You for calling me to a condition without blemish lacking in nothing. I ask You God for wisdom because You commit to giving it to me generously and without reproach. I ask You LORD without any doubting. I refuse to live double minded, unsettled or unstable in my journey. I refuse to vacillate between opinions but trust Your opinion in life, living and in death and dying. You complete me God and I thank You that as I persevere under trial, You will approve me to receive the crown of life which You have promised.

Let me know if this encourages you – that in itself will encourage me too. Blessings and I pray you too will find your way out from being stuck in a parking lot.

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