Passionate Persistence

Tenacious Tuesday – We don’t always know what to do. Sometimes it’s all in a fog or haze. It’s up. It’s down. It’s all around. Turn left. Turn Right. We search for answers. Solutions seem distant. Too much at once. One minute succeeding and the next engulfed in failing. Real life offers troubles to strengthen our passionate persistence. Allow yourself the freedom to remain uncondemned as you wonder how to proceed. God knows. You’ll know soon too. Stand. Again. Stand. Persist. Persevere. In the troubles, lift up your head weary traveler. Stop to get a drink of water. Breathe. Again. 

Until soon-d 



Tenacious Tuesday’s – it’s a strong decision to not give up but to hold on like a dog to a bone. Refuse the voices of turn back.

Hold onto Truth for yourself and others.

Hold onto life and let death go.

Hold onto the door to the future while the past calls you back…

Stand firm.

Keep your resolve. Refuse to give up!

Don’t let unbelief become your friend. Keep moving and keep hoping,

Be watchful and focused and undistracted.

Break through into your tomorrow.

It will be worth it.

Until soon!