Invitation into Silence 1

Invitation into Silence

When I woke up this morning I had a most definite feeling of alone-ness. Almost empty really. It was almost overwhelming as I pondered my day…alone was in front of me and to be honest I normally do not mind…the alone part. However, for some reason I sidestepped the invitation into silence.

I stopped to listen and got no inspiration or understanding. Instead, I slipped into memories of my younger years when my responsibilities were deciding what movie I wanted to go see or what outfit I would wear or who I was going to meet or what I would do with the leftover in my check after I paid my car note which at the time was about a hundred dollars. Those were the days!

We have a LACK of Silence

Silence is an interesting word and an interesting condition of the heart. Some would even venture to say that silence is boring and to be honest, I believe that is the worn out norm for many generations. Think of the lack of silence that penetrates our days. Elevators have music to captivate your short attention on the way to your floor. Every doctor and dental office has music to drown out the confidential dialogues happening with patients. Frequently, you’ll find music flooding the department stores and grocery stores that keep you happy and energetic. More often than not it is very difficult to locate a restaurant that will allow you to have thoughtful conversation without some sort of musical ambiance to set the stage. None of this yet mentions our ability to keep our ears on overload with music or teaching through our very smart phones which are loaded up with every variety of sound available to man except perhaps – silence.

What’s my challenge today? GET QUIET! Be unafraid of silence. Turn off the radio, CD player and IPOD in your car for a week. Spend a day without tv. Try something new….enjoy YOU….the unfiltered you….the you without props and find out you are AWESOME without all that jazz……..adding noise to your mind and heart.

OKAY. That’s it.


LOVE LOVE LOVE…until next time,

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Immature Boundaries

Immature Boundaries Donna ReinersSo, I was talking to a mom the other day who never sees her grow up adult kid. Now, I know this mom and they spent lots of time being there for their kid when they were young – all the sports games – took them lunch when they forgot it – took them their books when they so forgot them in the car – made sure the uniforms were clean – got them back and forth to school, to games, to friends, to…well…you name it. Fast forward – kid is now in the 20 something age. Guess what? Kid is soooo busy becoming a mature adult that there is no time to visit parents who are still alive and cognizant of their name and presence. This is not maturity – this is selfishness and lack of consideration. I’m calling it immature boundaries.

Side rant –  maybe your parents were selfish and were not there for you AT ALL……..I’m sorry………but you still get to mature and be the better person………

Back to point – If your parent or those that represent your parents have to ask you to visit them…then maybe you do need a reminder. If you have a parent nonchalantly asking to see you – maybe you need to employ a little thing called HONOR and get your butt over there more often and spend time with the one who spent time with you doing all the things you wanted to do when you were a selfish little kid whose life was ALL ABOUT YOU.

Ok – so perhaps you have left your safe nest and live on your own and think you have the right to live however you want. Really? You think they took the right to live however THEY WANTED when they went to every one of your games, got your hair cut, clothes purchased, etc..??  Listen…I know a dad who told me…that’s just part of it. Really? Letting a kid who now is on their own and paying their own bills run all over you and not willing to do a simple task for you is not supposed to be part of it.

Seriously…the parents may have had better things to do but they felt the better thing was to do for the kid.

Now I want to tell you my mom died when I was 17… would be an honor to have a time to be with her her 90’s. I’m gonna want someone to love me when I’m oldER. How about you?

So, word to the young one – whether you are 20 going on 10 or 30 or 40 or 50 or ……you get the picture – How about you be mature and plan time to give back your own time, energy, finances and resources. Why don’t you choose this time to grow up….instead of thinking you are all grown up and you should not have to do anything you don’t want to……….like an immature child…why not try giving back… never know…you might even find your parents are your best friends….maybe not all the time…but hey…be who you wanted them to be even if they can’t be that yet…or ever. Be the bigger person. Always. Refuse to have immature boundaries.

And if your heart is just not into it and you just cannot fathom going to see your parents or those who consider themselves as your parents then I got to say…………….you NOT seeing them…… worse than their behavior because what they did in ignorance – you now do on purpose.

Nothing but love for you – but its time to #BEBRAVER and LOVE on purpose.

Until next time……..


The Cover Up 4 of 5

The Cover Up
©Donna Reiners

I grimaced the first time I needed to help my sister with her private washing. I can still see the disgust on my face (she did not but I felt my face and saw my ugly heart) and I wanted to wash my hands as quickly as possible though they had been covered with gloves. Yet at the same time I heard a gentle whisper, “You are revolted  – yet she is humiliated more deeply than your little disgust.” I knew this was true. I’m confident when she was 20, she never dreamed of not being able to wipe her own behind in her latter years. We must love those who cannot help themselves – this is The Cover Up.

HE cover us. HE covers us with HIS great LOVE. Today, choose to #BEBRAVER and LOVE with your mouth and deeds. Be not quick to condemn others for their circumstances – sometimes life just happens. Be kind to them and be kind to you! Sometimes you don’t have to go to a nursing home to love someone who is a shut in. You may have someone in your apartment complex, down your street, etc… LISTEN to the Holy Spirit and let HIM guide you and show you how to love. Don’t be afraid to love people you already know…

Pray with me:

Join me in an effort of love and kindness in every day life and when life happens to you or to me, perhaps the love and kindness we gave will come back as our friends. And if you were not kind or loving in early days and now find yourself alone, it is not too late. God is faithful. HE does not condemn us or throw guilt into our hurting hearts. Just tell Him, “I’m sorry Father. I did not know. Now I know. Help me. I want to be a friend and I want a friend. One person at a time. I receive Your forgiveness for my own selfish life. I forgive myself. I release those whom I feel are to blame and I say YES to You LORD. I ask You to lead me in Jesus name. Let my love cover others as I love them into You and let me not be part of the cover up!”



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To be continued…

On the road again

cropped-20131011-ndip106041.jpgDo you remember the old Willie Nelson song, “On the Road Again?”

Interestingly, I woke up singing that blasted song the other day? Weird if you ask me but because God is so smart, HE knows how to get my attention AND how to get me on the road again.

When I was Stuck in a parking lot I was fairly miserable, conducting a lot of self examination. Then, when I seemed incapable of leaving and was Still Stuck in a parking lot, I was just on the verge of frustration. Then, I tried to start Leaving the parking lot and then actually left it. What a process it was as I worked through my emotions and inward drama….yes I used drama…it WAS like my own secret soap opera. Anyhow, the problem was I didn’t have a road map and just decided to leave…I realize Abraham got to go ….out there….wherever…and that was cool but I’m in Christ now and honestly, I think HE may want us to at times be a bit more responsible when we get on the road again.

©Willie Nelson

On the road again –
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends

And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again

Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again


It does into the whole making music with my gypsies but that’s not my fave. I’m not a wanderer. I wandered before I met Christ. Why on earth would I desire to wander when I have my Anchor. Sure, I can wander with Him but that song is not talking about that and you know as well as I know that over all the gypsies have that whole identity of going from place to place, taking things from time to time, and even living in trash heaps. Is this every single gypsy’s identity? No. But, I’m a daughter…a son…in Christ. Why would I go backwards into a worldly identity that offers dainties that God says are not His best. Sorry, I have no desire to live in a trash heap….at least not on purpose – not metaphorically or in real time. So, instead of traveling ….out there….with zero idea of where I am headed, I have a plan AND am on the road again. 

So, I ask you – do you know where you are going? Be BOLD and quite wavering between righteousness and wickedness.

Have you DTR (defined the relationship) between you and God? Have some RESPECT for yourself and take ACTION to let HIM actually be LORD.

Is He your Friend only or does He sometimes get to lead you and maybe….even I don’t know…pull that whole I Am God card and…tell you what to do…..and give you HIS road map???? Hmmmmm?

I’ve got my map.

I’ve got gas in my car.

I’ve got a plan.



If you read this far you might be interested in a fiction story…kind of like a soap opera really – I released the 3rd part in the Other Side of the Road and am preparing to release FROM the Other Side of the Road – you can follow me there too if you like – its just for fun!!

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Fight For Your Life

Recently, a young and precious friend moved to heaven. I write this in honor of her, her family and how they lived life out with her through this very difficult season. She intentionally planned her move and was greatly loved by her community. She had greatly struggled with physical pain all her life and her literal survival was dependent on continual and regular hospital intervention. She was always in crisis mode because she was always in a fight to live. She grew weary in this challenging bubble of almost dying all the time – pricks and prods by needles, machines, hands and pain medication added to the mix. I am leaving much out for lack of space/time. The young woman got with God and sought His answer and felt like He gave her an answer. She felt His presence with a love and peace to trust Him whether alive on the planet or alive with Him in heaven. Let me break that down for you a little more clearly – she decided no matter what would come her way – she would not be returning to the hospital or seeing any well meaning doctors again. Bottom line? She was done. Admittedly, I struggled with her decision. Family struggled. I was on the outside looking into the private turmoil her family passed through which was far greater and much deeper than the pain I felt. It’s one thing to view from the outside, it’s another to be the one living through it. Have you ever had to fight for your life?

Choose to Die

From the beginning as a new believer, the enemy has challenged my own daily existence. The enemy of my soul has used my body against me numerous times to bring me into death, into emotional calamity, into a place where I was forced to fight in order to remain alive. My sister struggled too – read about it here.  Throughout my lifetime as His, He too has challenged my thoughts, encouraging me to choose life instead of death and to choose blessings instead of curses and to choose love instead of fear. It has been a growing revelation as He and I have lived out life together and has been a deeply penetrating revelation that has held me through darkness and lead me through a pit until I reached light. So, when I learned of her decision to choose to die instead of choosing to continue to live – it took me into a seeking time with my Best Friend. I looked into my own private world of my fight for my own life, her fight for her life and so I ask if you fight for your life?

Whether We Live or Die

During this season of my own questioning and thinking and exploring, I found myself inwardly humbled by her trust in His love and in His reality….quietly and deeply cognizant of the courage it took for her to say no to live on this planet and yes to life in Him- this – the afterlife that many of us never really feel ready to embrace once faced with it one on one. There is a passage in the Holy Book where Paul speaks of his own revelation that whether he lived or died, he belonged to the Lord.  In Paul’s lifetime, he experienced being beaten and left for dead. He was stoned and went hungry.  He was lonely, unsupported, betrayed and so on. He had to learn how to be content whether he had much or little. He even talked at one time about how he knew his time left on the planet was soon and yet, there was no dread at all in his tone. In the midst of all of the challenges and obstacles, he spoke of the love of God being reachable, touchable, and available in the NOW…and not just when it was time for the earthly body suit to give up its assignment. He knew heaven was real. You see, Paul followed the example of Jesus and he lived to die as he surrendered his fight for his own life and instead took up the fight for my life and the fight for your life.

Living The Same As Dying

Let me ask you a question. Could it be that my young friend, who grew weary of the fight to live and the pain that went along with that fight, instead, grabbed hold of His reality? Could it be that He visited her so thoroughly and so intimately that her confidence in the Christ became such that she knew living WAS the same as dying? Could it be she said yes to Him in a way some of us have not? Could it be she got the revelation of the Apostle Paul – that she belonged to Him? I just want to encourage you today to stop and take a long look into the eyes of the One Who died for you and died for me. Ask yourself – are you ready? I’m not asking you to throw in the towel and choose to die. I’m not asking you to join into an agreement with leaving the planet not one day sooner than He desires. BUT, do you have the confidence that if tomorrow your life ended – you would live with Him?

This is not my normal entry. All I can say to you is that I am very challenged by the sacrifice God made on my behalf and on your behalf. HE sacrificed. HE paid the price. HE. HE. HE. HE. HE. He fought for my life and He fought for your life. We can hold no offense with another. Read some lessons here. No one is greater than the other. You may be more mature. You may have a higher authority. You may have an international calling. However, not one of you is greater than me or less than me. You see, we all find entry the same exact way – through the blood of the cross.

BRAVE. We must at one point or another enter into a bravery that is a higher level – a deeper place. Boldly she faced the Father and felt assurance of their relationship. Respectfully, she made a decision she felt was in line with His heart for her. She made a decision and took an action many would not dare to do. She knew she had victory over her past and  now she is encouraged beyond measure by His reality. #bravetobraver @bravetobraver

It is Not Me or You

It is not me.

It is not you.

We must grasp and receive this life in Christ for what it is and for what it is not…

It is about Him.

It is not about me. This is why I forgive and forget and move forward and do not hold grudges or even memories that prevent me from trusting this person or that person. We must not exalt our feelings or our memories over the payment He already paid. His blood. His cross.

It is about what He did and it is NOT about what I do, did or shall do in the future. My works will be measured – I see that.

However, I cannot earn my place in heaven.

HE earned my place.

HE earned your place.

HE earned my young friend’s place.

She received that place.

I am learning to receive the confidence she exuded.

How about you?

Can you receive how He took up the fight for your life?

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Climb the Mountain to See the View

Donna Reiners www.bravetobraver.comSo, here we are again on the same side of the mountain we were twenty years ago. When will it ever change? When will victory be experienced in real life and not just in that spiritual zone where everyone says the Victory has been won? All I can say is there is no sin in starting again. The truth is that you have to climb the mountain to see the view.

What IF You Never Make It?

Maybe – just maybe – you will never make it to the top. What then? Does that make you or me a loser? If so, then we are gauging our life by our do instead of our Who. I know that is not supercharisfragilisticomatic language but true nevertheless. Does this mean it is okay that you give up and turn back or sit down and stop moving? Not at all. What does it mean then? Ever so often you must make an evaluation of your real life – not the life others see on the surface but the one you live in the deep. Then, you need to make some decisions. What do you want? What does God want? Then, what is the plan to bring about the wants? If you don’t have one then you probably won’t have the courage to start again – to dream again – to plan again – to live again. You must climb the mountain to see the view.

Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail

A friend told me recently that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. She and I were discussing health and eating and food choices and how to keep those meals a coming and how to not be taken off guard on the days of RUSH. But, truly such a statement pertains to all of life’s goals, dreams, wishes and wants. I’m over fifty now and those goals, dreams, wishes and wants have indeed changed through the years. I’m getting to a place where the making of a single memory with a close friend or partner in life is as valuable to me as my own greatest personal desire coming forth. Why? Because as I make memories and hug necks and encourage hearts – it reminds me that I am not alone in my journey and others are also not alone. WE ARE a community as we climb the mountain to see the view.


One more thought – no one should walk out life alone. I know that it is ultimately me and God – I get that. However in the context of me and God, we should BE BRAVE and BOLDLY grab another person to walk out life with us. That being said – if you have not been able to climb the mountain – perhaps it is time you rise up in a fresh RESPECT and get some new tools for the journey. Take ACTION and grab a friend who also has had difficulty making the climb and maybe – just maybe – you should – with an attitude of great VICTORY – dig your way through. Either way my friend and however you wish to make your trip – let us ENCOURAGE one another as we continue our climb in, on or through the mountain so that we can see the view – together.

Until next time,

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Let it Go Again

Please forgive me – I had to RESEND this due to an incorrect link in the previous email. Let’s start again shall we? In the famous words of Frozen – let it go – let it go – let it go! This soars through my thoughts like wind through the trees! I hear so deep I can’t touch it yet I find myself deafened by the sound with the knowing that I must LET IT GO! LET IT GO! LET IT GO!

Donna Reiners

Honestly, it seems like we have been in transition forever and now we are finally over the hump and positioning into position. Now what? Let it go. It still feels awkward and it still seems like we are not quite there. It FEELS transitional even though we have indeed moved into the next place. Real life is stranger than fiction and more complex than soap operas. You just can’t make up real life and in all of life we must all learn to let it go.

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Friends Become Family

Our closest friends who have become family are moving away after ten years of living life together.  They are our children – we are Mom and Dad on many many levels though her mom lives and his dad lives. How did this happen? Living together – eating together – dieting together – learning together – crying together – forgiving together – deciding together – praying together –  growing together  – this has been a season of loving and being loved and it has changed us all. It is a new day and the old has passed away and so we are letting that old day go and embracing the newness God offers us all. Family is not based on geographic location or church membership. Family is a positioning in Him and one another. Part of our family is repositioning 4 1/2 hours away. Birthday parties will be a longer commute. Dinner may have to be via Skype. Weekends may turn into 4 day holidays. It will be inconvenient and take much more effort and we all have our own lives, our own ministries, our own identities yet we know deep within we are life long family members and our calling to know one another and be known by one another is far from over. Now, we will cross culture even again – we will get to know their new community and wherever we go – our community will get to know them too. We will still be Mom and Dad and they will still be the kids. We cry with peace for all we have waiting before us – some known and some unknown and as we watch with joy, we let it go.

Left – Right – Middle

Let’s talk about two real life scenarios of lives taken before their time. On the left hand, we have a strong, godly invincible man who unexpectedly died. He fought the good fight and suddenly, he was gone. He left a beautiful wife,  young adult children, a thriving business, and a strong ministry in his church community. A city was strongly and brightly impacted by his mission of kindness, love, mercy, integrity and purity. Countless men and women, boys and girls were impacted by his continual faithfulness. Faithful. Faithful. Faithful. Not his choice. Not what he wanted. He chose life over and over and then it was let go. At the same time of his passing, in our church family, a woman was fighting for her life with similar symptoms yet somehow and thankfully – she pulled through. On the right hand, in that same twenty four hour period another young woman passes and leaves children who will only see her through Facebook and picture memorabilia. I did not know her personally, but knew of her and knew her family through social media and prayerful thoughts exchanged over time. Interestingly, she died in the same town our family friends are moving to – small world.  I don’t understand but my troubling heart has had to let it go. Right smack dab in the middle of my private world and community, there is a woman in her late twenties, who has been in pain for many many years. She has been sick for many many years and been on pharmaceutical prescriptions to help her stay alive for many many years has chosen what some will feel is unthinkable. She prayed through an excruciating thought and decided to also let it go. Sustained by the care and expertise of medical professionals and in hospitals countless times – a day came when her rubber met with His road on the inside of where her trust in a real God lives. Blood transfusions to live. Saline solution to rehydrate. Exhausted, she was pricked by this needle and that doctor and sliced by this knife and pierced by that life saving apparatus. Then, one day,  she decided deep inside to let it go. She decided she did not want to live a lifestyle composed of needles, blood and pain and she let it go. She let her parents go. She let her aunt go. She let her sibling go. She let her grandparents go. She let her friends go and she let her fears go. She let herself go. Not an easy decision for anyone to make but in this case it was not anyone’s decision – it was hers. Painfully. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. She let it go.

Live Fearlessly

Everything within me wants to rescue. Everything within me screams so loud inside my spirit and soul, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! IT’S NOT TIME! IT’S NOT TIME! I ask myself – did the enemy steal, kill and destroy early? Did he plot and plan early? He certainly did this in my own life…I see his traces in my steps. Even so, we have a faithful Father Who sees and knows the strategies of the enemy and positions us to know Him and to be known by Him and so the enemy DOES NOT WIN this round with these lives.  The man impacted more than one can count with his life and knowing God the way I do – I guarantee God will live through this UNEXPECTED event and cause many more to come to know Him. This would be his desire. This was his heart throb – that a world come to know HIM. Moreover, HE drew this amazing young brave young woman to His side and captured her with His unconditional love and mercy and holds her tight. HE so tightly holds her that she has no fear but knows she will move from this side of eternity in His arms to the other side of eternity in His arms. WHAT?? ZERO FEAR?? YES! ZERO FEAR! This bravery for passing onward into the next place of living is because of a real relationship with a very real Father. Common Denominator between these two strong saints? Jesus is real and they both knew it. They both lived fearlessly. Fearless living is one of the strongest lessons we face is it not? It is what HE wants all of us to learn! At the crux of it all is the trust in an unseen FATHER not just a God. This is the kind of stuff that unravels untried theology and this is the legacy she leaves that will impact a world.

Let God and BE BRAVE

What is the bottom line to let it go? Scripture tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep. I’ll be honest with you – I’ve been weeping for the past three days. The last time I felt like this was when my sister died – CLICK TO READ END OF LIFE.  As I have been mourning, HE has been comforting me and loving me. And truly this has been my state of being  – weeping…crying….asking….seeking…knocking…interceding. I’ve been taking my troubled heart and unsettled questions to the Only One that I know has REAL ANSWERS regarding these real life situations – my Father and this is what He has said to me, “There comes a day – a time – to let it go.” HE has been walking with me long enough for me to know that HE REALLY means it…it is time to let some things go…it is time to press forward.  I mean – REALLY. So, I challenge you today to move into tomorrow and truly let some things go and the first place HE looks are in the issues of our heart. So, be BRAVE. What do you need to let go? Are you speaking critically to yourself or others? Be BOLD and admit it. Let it go. Are you a shotgun sending gossiping and complaining bullets about events and people that are just not your business? Grab a greater RESPECT for yourself and others and take ACTION and why don”t you just LET IT GO? Change your mind. Don’t be a weapon of the enemy when you will never be VICTORIOUS armed with shots of disunity. BRAVELY decide to be in one accord with The Most Faithful and Loving One we know.  You see….in the midst of living real life with real challenges….we have a real God Who intervenes and offers Himself as the Buffer, the Comforter, the Stabilizer, the Peace, the Joy, the Strategist, the Companion and finally, the Home Coming. I ENCOURAGE you to put your hand in the hand of the Man Who stills the water. Be BRAVE  and let it go. All of it. Then, let God.

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Can't Touch This

Denial to Destiny

Denial to Destiny
Donna Reiners

Flabbergasted, I sit in awe of life and the struggle it has with death and how each of us must face moving from denial to destiny.

I just got off the phone with someone who told me her son asked her to kill him. What do you do with that? Where do you place that inside of you? How can that be? All I can say is the enemy – the devil – is a liar. His intent is to kill, steal and destroy and entrap us in denial. We cannot let our guard down for one minute. It’s just not worth it. The enemy takes us seriously – so we must do the same. The enemy has no awe of life and he certainly never wants us to move from denial to destiny.

A knife drawn. No awe of life. Complete denial of destiny.

There is resentment and bitterness deep inside a heart that seeks to kill or be killed. Unforgiveness screams. The enemy’s lies took captive a heart to prevent them from embracing love. Accusations toward God are loud. No awe of life brings death and it causes a person to remain in denial. Denial of value. Denial of love and life. Denial of God’s goodness and ultimately a denial of God Himself.

It’s not God’s fault.

Our God is not a killer contrary to the latest twist in the Noah movie. God is a lover and God moves with righteousness to right what we wrong – to bring love where we release hate – to bring good where evil is accepted and to be kind where unkindness is rampant. And to move us from denial to destiny.

Gird yourself up man or woman of God.

Gird yourself up.

If you are dealing with confusion read about – Doorway of Doubt

Move from denial to destiny – Check out this video of how Peter moved from denying Jesus to writing part of our church history. If he can do it – so can you!

All I can do is love that person. I cannot stop the son and I cannot change the mother but I can love when they cannot love themselves. Love is the answer. I have awe of life inside of me for them and I can see their destiny in Christ.

Jesus came to bring abundant life and the enemy remains fixed on his assignment to wreak havoc through destruction. Where I ask is your focus? Where is mine? Where is your awe of life? Are you in denial of your value? Can you move from denial to destiny?

Every moment of every day we have a choice to make where to place our thoughts and what kind of ideas flow from us into humanity around us. Someone somewhere around you is just waiting for a handshake, an open door, an encouraging word, a selfless action, a coffee, a treat, a smile. Love comes through our actions and it can break the power of denial and bring another into destiny. Yes, we must pray and sometimes it is the only action of love we can give – maybe the other person just cannot receive from you right now. Regardless, we love – through prayer, through actions. We show we have belief of our own destinies and the destiny of others through loving and being loved. We love ourselves – you need to have value for you. You have a future and you have a hope! God made you in His image. Get past the false humility wondering if God can ever use you. Honestly, I despise the phrase God wants to use you. I believe our Father God Almighty’s plan is not just to use – but HE lives through you and HE lives through me and He does so intentionally. He loves you. HE has awe of life through you to love others and wants a complete turn around from denial into destiny. Now, love those around you. Quit denying them love. Show value for those around you whom perhaps get on your nerves or are arrogant or fearful. This intentional God Who loves through us wants us to respond and show the world how HE has destiny for them.

So, the question is will we embrace this Intentional God living through us 24/7?

Wallow or Move Forward

The enemy loves to steal through offending us or causing another to be offended by us. This is his plan of attack and accusation – to cause unforgiveness to divide and destroy anyone pursuing God. Think of Jesus Who lived in the midst of betrayal. He still served even though HE knew denial was on the way.  Peter denied Jesus and Jesus even warned Peter about it. Peter did not believe he would ever deny Him and yet that is exactly how life played out  – he denied Jesus. When it was all said and done –  Peter had a decision to make – he could wallow in his past of denying the One Who believed in him and go hang himself like Judas OR he could pick himself up and move forward and discover his destiny. Jesus even gave Peter his assignment before the denial took place! Jesus told Peter that after he was converted, Peter was to strengthen the church. Guess what? Peter had a destiny! Peter wrote part of the New Testament. Peter was a Christ follower and then Peter had folks follow him as well. Peter had to grab hold of his own value and grab his own mantle when it was all said and done and move forward into his own calling. Peter moved from disciple to apostle when he moved out from his failure and moved into position to receive God’s love and God’s abundant life. He moved from denial to destiny.

Maybe your call is to be famous and rock the world with a million followers! Maybe your call is to be famous only in your own home and rock your family with your love. Whatever the call is – receive the LIFE that goes along in it to bring you into HIS will and to KEEP you in HIS will and to move you into destiny.

Let not the enemy steal from you any longer. Let not the enemy kill yet another dream, another thought or another opportunity. Let not the enemy destroy you any more. Instead, rise up and confront what confronts you.


Be BOLD in loving you and be bold in loving others. If they do not love you back – don’t take it personally – just take them to God. Be RESPECTFUL in how you treat you and how you talk about others. TAKE ACTION to show respect for you and those around you. Be VICTORIOUS OVER YOUR PAST…its time…take that one habit that drives you crazy and conquer it! Read here how to Take Back Your TIME and conquer your past. This will ENCOURAGE YOU more than anything else has in a long time.

When you embrace living and loving you will develop a sense of value for yourself and others and you will indeed find an awe of life and you too will move from denial to destiny.

Until next time,




Lived LONGER than I have left

Have you ever noticed how the sanctity of life is being demised little by little year after year after year? Children are discarded alive and elderly people are cast away into nursing homes.

It is an ever so subtle happening…

I’m over 50 now and this means I have lived longer than I have left on the planet. When I was 17/18 years old my mom died at the age of 57. YOUNG. Her premature death haunted me for many years…for years I would stay up all night just because I had a fear of going to sleep and not waking up at all….talk about a sick point of view….I had it.  At the same time however her death also impacted me positively. I see life precious. I see life short. I see relationships precious. I know when someone treats me poorly it is because they have been treated poorly. I know if you don’t acknowledge me when I come into a room means you probably aren’t acknowledged in a way where you understand the value of your own life or others. I’ve learned (over time) to understand that most of us truly mean to do good….but we many times fall short because of our own personal issues. In other words – if you don’t like me – it may not be about me.

In my 20’s I was pretty arrogant. I searched for the meaning of life by delving deep inside my own heart…all 20 years of it. At that time I figured I had it all figured out. HA! I consulted my own mind and my own emotions and decided what was right or wrong based on my own experience…all 20 years of it. Bless my heart…I lived under a rock of denial and abandonment. This was how I handled death and tragedy and all of the trauma that came through it.  My mom’s death was not something I just “got over”. She was my best friend and influenced me more than anyone I knew. Then, she was gone so early in my life – well – it was more difficult than I can express. Yes, my dad was still living but he was hurting and had known her much longer than I had known her and the hole in his heart was a thousand times larger. Dad lived a long time and moved to heaven at the ripe age of 81….many years later.

Why am I sharing all of these seemingly disconnected thoughts and what does this have to do with the sanctity of life from babies to the elderly? I share because they are not disconnected in my brain and heart. You see I’m the 51 year old baby of my family and at the present time of this blog, I have a sister approaching 60 – another sister in her mid 60’s and still another sister who literally just moved to heaven this week – she was 68. When I was 18, 20, 25 and even 30 –  I could not ever fathom living this “old” and now being this “old” I can tell you – I’m not that old!!! LOL!!! Yet still I’ve less left than I’ve lived and in that mindset and that place inside of me where I’m watching all of us grow older.…I am able to truly see how as a culture, we could easily ignore what once was considered precious and honorable….and what God says is now precious and honorable – one another.

My Main Distraction

So in this busy world we live in with our lives inundated 24/7 with business, busyness, social media distractions….face it…most of us spend more time on a computer or our phone than we do actually interacting with live human beings face to face where we actually look one another in the eye. In this place of computer land, have you noticed how our hearts can grow insensitive to the needs of others – even those closest to us? Wait…let me finish this post and then I’ll talk to a live person. Seriously. I’m sure this may not be for everyone but I’m sure there are some reading this whose kids want your attention but you are at your computer. There are some whose spouses would love to have actual time with you one on one without you looking at your phone – all of these “needs” to be on the computer to make us satisfied….our hearts are growing just a little bit colder and colder…and I gotta admit…I’m married to an IT guru and its with honesty I say that  I LOVE MY MAC.

Our precious sister who just passed lived in a nursing facility.  Her needs far outweighed anything any of us could provide and truly it would have been a disservice for her to live where her needs could not be met or where she would be in danger alone.Yet the guilt that shadows our hearts because of her living alone in a place like that was like a rake across a dry root covered ground. I would go to see her as often as possible and yet it never seemed enough on the inside of me. As I write this blog, this same sister just this week has moved to heaven. Her health was very poor – congestive heart failure, failing lungs, failing kidneys,  low heart beat and the list goes on.  Her husband traveled with her to the hospital and remained as much as he could and each one of us did as well. It would have been so easy to dismiss her and – she was not my responsibility – after all – she was not my mother and she had a husband. Yet, her own daughter lives in another city and was unable to care for her and her husband worked and could not be there every waking moment.

What do we do?

What do we do when the needs of another outweigh our energy, resources and ideas? WE HAVE TO GUARD OUR HEARTS to keep from becoming insensitive. HOW? BE BRAVE! Be BOLD and lean into the Father for wisdom, rest, ideas, energy and resources. HE will strengthen you to do what you can when you can and live as best as you can this life HE has given you.

What do we do?

Be BRAVE! We must pay attention to the cry of our Father Who wants us to RESPECT His guidelines for our hearts to stay right – stay pliable and soft and easily convicted and lead by Him.  We keep our heart undistorted by the cares and weights of this world and the busyness of our minds and stay focused on what and who is important to Him. We must take ACTION to LISTEN and to be as organized as possible taking care of His priorities so we have time for that suddenly that comes up in life that requires our attention like a loved one in the hospital….which is one of His priorities. We take on becoming VICTORIOUS by living guilt free when we are available to hear Him and respond to Him instead of our emotional regrets, guilt and distractions. We live bravely doing the very best we can daily and when we mess up – when we are selfish or when we are just losing our minds and must have a break from all the “duties” – we stop – we RECALIBRATE our lives and we ENCOURAGE ourselves! We get still and make a new list and start all over again 🙂

If we put ourselves in His shoes and walk out life through His life, we will have peace for our journey and be able to help another along the way without it eating us alive in the process….HE is the journey….HIM knowing us and us knowing HIM.

Look into your life. Is there someone who needs your love? Your touch? Your call? Do you need to recalibrate for this year and free yourself with a few minutes per day to reach outside of you into someone else who cannot give back to you? Don’t do it for kudos. Just do it for the precious shortness of life you and they have on this planet. Do it so you have fewer regrets. Do it for God – do it for them – AND do it for you. Stop. Breathe in and breathe out and consider your day before you waste it away. Love and see how love comes back to you.

Its a new day. Look at it as precious. Love while you can. Say a kind word when you can and answer that email, that phone call – that letter – that prayer request. Reconcile with those who you feel have wronged you and restore relationships with those whom you have wronged. Truth is when you have lived longer than you have left (if you have not already) – God gives you opportunity to love while it is still called today….and when someone does not love you back – well – all I can say is don’t take it personally – it may have nothing to do with you. Do your part to have humility. It is pride that refuses restoration or reconcilation even if it is disguised with hurt or pain or offense. RUN to the altar of humility and let the price He paid for your life be lived through you. Fight to sit in the back seat NOT the front seat!

LIVE your life while it is still called today. Live…longer……today…by giving yourself away…

Be BRAVE –  Bold-Respctful-Active-Victorious-Encouraging for yourself and for those around you.

Until next time,


Face to Face with ME!

The way I viewed me – unbeknownst to me – kept me from me! It also kept me from those around me…I was always arms length from anyone knowing the real me for fear that they would not like me. WHY? Because I truly did not have the reality of HIS LOVE living in me. I did not like me and did not think anyone else could like me either.

Loving myself after all these years!

THROW IN THE MIX THIS AMAZING GOD WHO sees you and me as His beautiful, hand-chosen, perfectly-molded children, and who loves us with a never-ending, ever-lasting love.

Psalm 143:8 Cause me to hear Your loving kindness in the morning for on You do I lean and in You do I trust. Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk for I lift up my inner self to You.

Can you hear the Psalmist cry out to God, asking Him to rescue him with His loving kindness? Why? Because he knew the Love of God was the only reason he was still alive…….years of being threatened and chased down by a man who wanted him destroyed…years of being taken on the verge of retaliation himself…he KNEW he could not live without LOVE. IT was GOD’S LOVE THAT prevented him from killing the very man who wanted him dead. It is the love of God that changes us, convicts us, and molds us into His image. It was the LOVE of God that brought him face to face with himself. It is the love of God that brings us face to face with the reality of the cross and the blood God shed for us. 

Though I felt like a very ugly duckling for the majority of my life, through a process of receiving this incredible LOVE from God…I have been changed. 

Do you know what the greatest help has been in my walk in life as a Christian??? It has been receiving and accepting God as my father………my FATHER….and not only as my LORD. YES…HE is my Lord….HE is GOD ALMIGHTY….but in the garden…God was their Parent..Father…and if God was THEIR Dad and this was way before Jesus hit the planet…how much more is HE MY DAD? Oh…it was not easy…seeing this….chewing on it…accepting it….knowing God as God is much more holy to my mind…but…HE sent His Son Jesus why?? To give us RELATIONSHIP WITH HIMSELF. WOW. Its not just God. Its Father.

So, as I saw HIM as my kinfolk…my family – and I mean that in the most respectful way…then…when HE received me as His own and allowed me to be me…and He received my confession of wrong when I was wrong and forgave me and loved me…..then I finally caught it….and then….as HE was my Father…then I saw it…HE wants to be my EVERYTHING – Maker, Husband, Daddy, Brother, Best Friend, Companion, Closest Confidant – there is NO CONDEMNATION IN CHRIST… and if there is no condemnation in Christ…how can I allow condemnation to continue to live in me? ANOTHER WAH!LAH!!! I got it. HE LOVES ME. PERIOD. I CAN LOVE ME TOO.

In this process I learned to accept me. As I learned to accept me, I also learned to like me. As I learned to like me, I also learned how to love me and then, I began the process of learning how to see myself through His eyes. Then, in time, I actually began to see His beauty and now when I look in the mirror, I believe I am beautiful. It is never too late to begin the process of knowing God in an intimate and relational way. I can truly say it is the only pathway for real and lasting healing for a heart that has been wounded and scarred. God’s faithfulness even reaches into our very last moments on earth right before we take our last breath….to remind us of His nearness and HIS love and our need to move into HIS shadow as HE takes us into the liberty of living the rest of eternity with Him…THAT’S LOVE. THAT’S OUR GOD.

God really loves you…and HE really loves me. Get to know God…get to know yourself. When you give LOVE a chance………then you will give YOU a chance and as you give YOU a chance – you will find yourself giving your neighbors, co-workers and others a chance too. Will you be hurt? YOU BETCHA! YES indeed……it will happen BUT……when you learn to turn TO HIM for strength THROUGH the hurt…..through the betrayal…..through the pain…..through the devastation…in time….you will look more to HIM than to your circumstances to determined that you are okay……..and you’re gonna make it………and as you go face to face with yourself you will indeed discover that you are not just a survivor but in HIM you are not just a thriver but a LOVER…no matter what life throws your way.

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Until soon…