Kindness Matters

Do know to be KIND to you??


Be Strengthened with KINDNESS for yourself!

Get Dressed

Hello there – do you feel discouraged or delayed?
Are you thinking of getting up -another day?
I say…today is your day….  I bless you!
Check out this short encouragement!


Love, d




Super Saturday- Friends. Don’t remain where you are so comfortably that you forget you were made
to fly. 

You were made for more. 


Got Wheelbarrow?

Tenacious Tuesday

I picked up a wheelbarrow from a friend and forced it into my little car -Google Juke and you will see what I mean. You see, people were stealing stones in our new neighborhood so I was proactive. My husband thought it was hilarious but he knew I was serious when I stuffed this contraption into the back of my car. Determination is an interesting attitude. To be honest I was a bit ticked. I mean, we are buying the house but others are stealing what we paid for in order to make their flower bed look nice. After the decision was made to not complain but to actually provide a solution, we went to the next step. We took action early Saturday morning and showed up with a friend to move our precious big honkin heavy stones to safety. Then we used the same wheelbarrow to throw trash in that we found lying around inside and around the house. It was hard work and it was hot work and it was satisfying work. Maybe it’s a day to take action instead of just complain, accuse and be negative?  It’s a good day. New mercies. New attitude. New confessions. Eventually it will bring a New belief system. Moving forward takes work. So will they still steal our stones? Maybe. But it won’t be because we chose to do nothing. They will have to go to great length to remove them from their new resting place.  See you – out there – where we take action into a different tomorrow. 

Ps. Don’t be swayed by my smile. That was only the first stone. They got heavier and it got hotter with every new step. But it was worth it!! Love/d

It’s Just Work


“LOVE without God is just works (work),” said Craig. The challenge is loving intentionally requires effort. Frankly I find myself fascinated by a lazy society who wants a drive in take out kind of love. Instead of a love worth dying for, we are faced with love that’s short and sweet – kind of like a text. The effort of a face to face moment looking into the eyes of another person has been dumbed down to an effortless minuscule moment created in between reading a tweet or post. Have we forgotten what it means to hold the hand of someone whose spouse is dying? Hug the woman who miscarried again? Sit beside the elderly man or woman who raised you? What IS love? If you think love is showing up for an hour service then you are probably famished for a real relationship. If you call church your family but find them mysteriously absent from your life when pain and heartbreak appear then it’s probably more your hiding place instead of family. Love is beyond meetings and money. If your family is Facebook then chances are you are a shut in or have chosen isolation with your computer as your life partner. A computer only requires updates – not a face to face. If you truly have no other way to get out and know others then it’s understandable that you live in front of your computer. However if you are able to physically step out among the living then I challenge you to love – on purpose. Start with you. Look yourself in the mirror and hear the words from your Creator – I LOVE YOU AND I’M FOR YOU AND I’VE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. Then, say that to someone else. With purpose step out today to love God’s way. God’s way is encouraging, without condemnation, and will leave you stronger than you started. Gods LOVE will take you from your comfort zone into a zone of trust and inner peace. God’s love will allow you to like you while drawing you into changing to be more LOVEly, LOVEable and LOVEing.GOD’S LOVE devastates you with MISSION POSSIBILITIES!!! When face to face with Him, you find loving is not work – it’s who you are and who you will become.
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